We believe that all new business plans should include a Golden Opportunities (GO) new media marketing plan and strategy. Developing a GO plan requires attention to all aspects of your marketing strategy holistically including all other departments.

A GO plan starts with a solid foundation of search engine optimization SEO and social media optimization SMO. For long term results, all marketers need to consider how they can leverage the conversations taking place in the online viral communities social media destination sites and create a well defined community management strategy.

Our approach produces measurable results. You are probably wondering if it’s a good idea to outsource your new media efforts. GO clients certainly think so. The numbers explain why.

On average, after 6 months:

• Community sizes grew 1’000%
• Brand visibility, engagement and sales increased 1’500%
• Traffic driven to the website by social media increased 500%

We will carefully analyze all the new media tools available and show youhow you could incorporate new media into your business plan. GO will then design them into your new media marketing plan, using social CRM to change your firm into a new social business. GO uses all the following information to continuously improve your firms return on investment:

• Market Research
• Competitor Analysis
• Interview key stakeholders
• Review all your existing marketing materials
• Research industry blogs and social media properties
• Recommend a blog strategy and ongoing support
• Identify similar social media industry websites
• Recommend/implement effective use of social media
• Recommend/implement effective use of web publishing
• Recommend/implement effective use of internet and digital marketing
• Set metrics and benchmarks to measure success 

The GO new media marketing plan deliverable will be a document detailing our research with specific recommendations for your company’s specific social media marketing strategy. GO delivers a custom tailored digital marketing plan distinguishing between short and long term recommendations that can be implemented in phases to suit your budget. The new media processes to be researched, explored and implemented will include:

• Social Media Growth Strategy and Consultation  
• Website  Management
• Digital Marketing
• Public Relations
• Storytelling
• Customer Service                                        
• Content Development and Curation                                                  
• Custom Content Calendar                                                                  
• Crisis Communications 
• Online Community Management

• Social Media Advocacy 
• Employee Advocacy 
• Social Media Sentiment 
• Channel Monitoring and Listening
• Social Media Promotion’s

• Organic Social Media
• Paid Social Media Advertising
• Web Page Publishing

• Social Networking Sites

• Influencers
• Mobile 
• Podcasts

• Wikis

• Link Building                                                                                              
• Employee Training. and Education
• Metrics, Reporting, and Analysis