1516240816586 Carter Holland: CMO, WeVideo

Golden and I overlapped at WeVideo for a few months when I was acting as Interim CMO. Golden is a perpetual optimist who not only always sees the glass as half full, but then works enthusiastically to fill it up the rest of the way. He works hard to identify promotional campaigns and engagement programs designed to increase share of voice across the social channels that matter most. Golden is also always willing to pitch in when all hands are needed on deck, even when the task may fall outside his direct area of responsibility. Oftentimes this a rare but an extremely invaluable quality. If you’re looking for a conscientious contributor who can help to increase your social media presence, don’t miss the opportunity to consider adding Golden to your team.

  Viviana Talledo: Search Engine Marketing Manager, WeVideo

I worked with Golden to create our marketing plan for social media and SEO. Since the project kicked-off, we had great results bringing social media traffic to our website and blog. Golden is a fun person to work with. His enthusiasm and ability to work with many different teams made it easier to accomplish many projects.

 1516240816586 Marcus Karten: Global Vice President, Arvato Supply Chain Solutions

Golden is a seasoned expert in online marketing & social media. His energy and passion for his job is second to none. Golden is a hard worker who never shies away from challenging projects –and he always keeps his positive attitude and good mood, making him a great team player.

 Konstantin_Headshot copy Konstantin Bohmeyer: Vice President, Arvato Supply Chain Solutions

I had the pleasure of working with Golden for the past 1.5 years. I really appreciated how Golden kept pushing our marketing projects forward and ensured to check in with me for feedback and guidance at the right moments. He managed to build important relationships internally and externally during an obviously challenging time. Golden would be an asset for anyone needing corporate content marketing and social media management.

1516809155364 Richard Fitzgibbon: Business Development Director, Arvato Supply Chain Solutions

I worked with Golden for 2 years and can highly commend his knowledge and expertise on all aspects of marketing and social media projects. Golden’s attention to detail and focus ensured that the projects he was managing were completed and delivered to the required timelines. The projects Golden managed were also concise and tailored to ensure the target audience found the content of interest and value to their business needs and objectives

1469842 Gene Filipi: President, San Francisco American Marketing Association (SFAMA)

I have had the privilege of working with Golden when he was Social Media Director at the SFAMA and he has also worked as a social media consultant for Kinesis Survey Technologies, where I am also Sales Director. I admire Golden’s passion for Social Media and he is a true leader in the Social Media space. He’s a team player, flexible and always dedicated to any project or job he works on. He is success driven, intelligent, honest and sincere. I consider Golden my expert consultant in everything social. I highly recommend Golden and would be a huge asset on any team.

Kemp Edmonds: Founding Solutions Consultant, Hootsuite

I had the opportunity to work with Golden in his role as Global President of Social Media Club, a large, diverse, non-profit organization. Golden was an organized leader who did an incredible job bringing together and synthesizing diverse voices and needs into a cohesive vision for the organization. Managing to motivate and engage an organization made Golden someone I consider a go to for leadership best practices and practical knowledge of how to be successful leading a diverse organization

aaeaaqaaaaaaaaufaaaajgi5mjhlmjziltk2nzktnda3zc05zddkltcwyjywndu0ztjlnw Stephanie Werneke: Senior Associate, Capital One 360

Golden was an amazing Manager. Not only did he set me up with all of the tools and resources necessary to do my job well, he was an excellent resource for social media best practices. He really knows the landscape and I learned everything I know in regards to social media thanks to him. One of my favorite traits of Golden’s is that he is always positive and optimistic. It made for better problem solving within our projects. Overall, I would recommend Golden for any position that was in Social Media or Marketing management.

3f96c52 Carol Wyatt: HR Director, Carol H. Williams Advertising

Golden’s passion, determination and interest in advertising, marketing and promotional communications is not only admirable, but inspirational. Not many times in my career do I meet someone as unselfish, determined and interested in not only the industry itself, but also in meeting or exceeding expectations in the areas of self-knowledge, awareness and most importantly, helping others. Golden’s entrepreneurial spirit is the type of attitude that businesses source out in order to create model employees from. It’s generational and hierarchial type of growth and development business models that utilize individuals who think and behave like Golden that allows individuals to go from the entry-level account person to the President of the corporation. We would consider him for an opportunity at any time and I feel my HR colleagues who don’t lack awareness on how to identify a talented individual in the marketplace would feel the same.

1aa82f9 Kathy Dykeman: Monetization Analytics, Facebook

Working with Golden has been a distinct pleasure for me. Golden has a fantastic enthusiasm for our industry which has proven to be contagious as seen in his ability to organize people and events that benefit the marketing community. Those qualities combined with his warm and friendly personality make him a rare professional!

28d9f68 Kathleen Shanahan: Founding Partner, Boca Communications

Golden is an outstanding social media professional. He understands the nuances of social media outlets. He knows how to monitor and cross correlate, establish relationships and drive traffic to a site through social media and SEO.

0c806b7 Michael Lindenberger: Media VP, Boca Communications

Golden has been a great resource for us at BOCA. He clearly understands social media extremely well and has made a real difference both for us and our clients. I know we look forward to continue working with him.

 Derek Keeling: Creative and Content Writer, Bonaventure Senior Living

Golden is an amazing person. Not only is he one of the leading experts on social media strategy, but he’s also very knowledgeable in PR and marketing. Working with Golden yousee two things: passion and results. He is an asset to anycompany that would be lucky enough to have him on their team.

3aaa5ed  Adam Broadway: CEO and Founder, Near Me

Golden helped us take our Social Media presence through the roof.
He’s a seasoned marketer and has been a valued member of our team

3646826 Gary ThompsonCEO, Clarity Communications

I have worked with Golden for a number of years now and he has been a tremendous asset for me and my clients. He is a consummate professional that delivers high quality work on time and on budget.

31ab8d5 Allison Maslan: CEO and Number 1 Best Selling Author, Blast Off

I highly recommend Golden Ashby as a candidate for employment. Golden has been contracted out by Blast Off since 2009. Golden is responsible for website management including Social Media, internal communications, production, writing/posting webpage content, building/organizing webpage’s, customer/client relations , and other Web 2.0 duties. Golden has excellent communication skills. In addition, he is extremely organized, efficient, reliable, computer proficient, and has great attention to detail.

Golden can work independently and is able to follow through to ensure that the job gets done. He is flexible and willing to work on any project that is assigned to him. Golden is always quick to volunteer to assist in other areas of operations, as well. He does not stop working on a project until I am completely satisfied and I have already referred him to do website management for one of my other clients. Golden would be a tremendous asset for any company and has my highest recommendation.

3bb6fed Stephanie Robbins: Director of Brand Development, La Terra Fina 

It was a true pleasure working with Golden. He is very experienced and seems to genuinely enjoy social media and sharing his knowledge. He’s a very good leader and great at keeping the entire team working as a cohesive and connected unit. Golden will always find the path to success in anything he does.