1. Followers – How many people are following us on Instagram and Twitter?
  2. Twitter lists – How many Twitter lists are we on? A change in this number is a good indicator of the value we’re bringing to Twitter.
  3. Fans – How many fans do we have on our Facebook Page?
  4. Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram comments – How many comments are people making? What is the quality of these comments?
  5. Facebook and LinkedIn likes – What articles do people like the most?
  6. YouTube views – Total and views for each video
  7. YouTube Subscribers – How many people care really about our video content. 
  8. Links  How many other websites are linking back to our site?
  9. Content  Which blog posts have the most traffic? Are those the same articles getting bookmarked? What medium do people prefer – video, images or text?
  10. Guest posts – Of our guest posts, which author gets you the most traffic?
  11. Comments – How many folks comment on our blog posts? How many of these comments are from first time visitors? And what is the quality of these comments? Are there real conversations happening or Are there real conversations happening or just “hey, nice post. I agree.”
  12. Visits – How many folks visit your site per day? How long do they stay and how many pages to they view?
  13. Google rank – What pages are ranking high on Google?
  14. Clicks  How many click-throughs are we getting on external links?
  15. Keywords – What keywords are generating the most traffic to our site? Are those keywords relevant to our strategy?