1. Clarify brand social media strategy and goals
  2. Set metrics and benchmarks to measure success  
  3. Perform a thorough analysis of current and potential vendors
  4. Create, implement and maintain social media calendar
    1. Create monthly posting theme’s for content calendars
  5. Create high quality, user generated content and content marketing strategy 
  6. Create and maintain a best practices and policy’s guide for social media
    1. Use each individual social network to accomplish different goals
    2. Adjust content appropriately to reach the different target audiences
  7. Use social media to get the brand message out to their target audience 
    1. Listen (manage and participate in online discussions)
    2. Find out what the public wants (likes and dislikes about a brand)
    3. Build brand awareness
    4. Investigate (stay on top of trends)
    5. Create those powerful links with customers and companies using social media
    6. Build brand ambassador outreach list for blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.
    7. Create partnerships with industry influencers
    8. Special characters and emoji can add interest, attract the eye, and make a brand more relatable.
  8. Listen, monitor and track brand online conversations
    1. Build community 
    2. Get people and their friends to talk about a brand (questions, contests, reviews, commentary, trailers, eye catching content) raise SEO and SMO
    3. Provide value (contests, links, photo, video sharing, etc.)
    4. Engage (Interact with our community as much as possible and treat our fans followers as special)
    5. Build Trust 
    6. Be an authentic representation
    7. Drive the acquisition on new fans, followers, etc.
    8. Provide customers with an accessible location to contact a brand