Companies want to gather insights on who’s talking about their brand and what they’re saying. Radian6 a popular social platforms available that companies should consider when listening. They announced yesterday that they have come up with a new set of tools for their social media listening platform – Radian6 Insights. Insights are now integrated with the standard Radian6 package providing companies new ways to compose data that users collect online to help answer the question who’s talking and what they’re saying.

Radian6 Insights has optimized integration of analysis from partner sites for the content that your Radian6 topic profile has collected. The types of analysis differ based on the site which currently include Klout, OpenAmplify and OpenCalais as well as some twitter insights direct from Radian6. GO 2.0 will determine what tools are best used in your social media strategy.

Radian6 Insights provide:

  • Post level analysis such as the topics, entities and themes being discussed in a stream of posts.
  • New tools for tracking hashtags and trending topics on twitter
  • Author level analysis such as gender, who the author influences and is influenced by
  • A common interface for the insights data to be displayed and interacted with other data from Radian6

Radian once again proves why they are one of the best, by creating this awesome tool for deconstructing language to derive insights. The Radian6 Insights package is just starting, but as they continue to add new insight providers and refine the tool to integrate that data the future is very bright for Radian6 and those that use it. If you have any questions feel free to drop me a line.

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