Behind the scenes of a new U.S. e-commerce brand generation

Today’s e-commerce industry has never been more competitive. Large platforms increasingly dominate the online landscape while traditional brick-and-mortar brands struggle to find their way into the new digital age. However, the rise of the online distribution channel has also paved the way for new players. A new generation of e-commerce brands – so called “Direct-to-Consumer brands” (D2C) – has managed to emerge. In spite of fierce competition, these brands have found a way to cater to the needs of the new generations Y and Z. Today, they generate millions in revenues and attract venture capitalists around the world. The question arises how the D2C brands became so successful. How do they grow? On which value proposition do they focus? What do these businesses define as their core business?

In this Study:

The study looks behind the scenes at U.S. D2C brands and their success strategies. In four chapters,

  • the brand’s value proposition
  • the marketing strategy
  • the operations strategy
  • and the tools used are analyzed

The result is a comprehensive insight into a new way of approaching today’s e-commerce business. 

Originally posted on Arvato Supply Chain Solutions landing page.

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